Entrevista con Luis Coronel: Talks his New Album; Con la Frente en Alto

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Downey, Calif., 09/16/2013 – A very enthusiastic and optimistic Luis Coronel dialogued with media on Monday about his album release as well as his newest romantic single “Escapate.” Coronel wowed fans even before he was signed to Del Records, his and his girlfriend’s face went viral on a homemade video in which he sings his now hit single, “Mi Nina Travieza” to his then-15 year old girlfriend Adilene Idalie (they are still a couple). Coronel is the youngest element to Del Records label whom also backs up Gerardo Ortiz and his cousin Regulo Caro, Nena Guzman, Jeovanni ‘El Empresario,’ Los Traviezos de Sinaloa, Banda Culicancito and Los Chairez.

The 17 year old superstar Coronel dedicates his first album Con la Frente en Alto to all his team [Del Records], his female fans, and the laborious part to his father who passed away two years ago, “I know he’s watching me from up above” says Coronel.” He summarizes the album to be very, very romantic, “all the songs on this album are romantic, very tailored to the girls.” Con la Frente en Alto is comprised with some of the best well known, current, regional Mexican lyricists such as Horacio Palencia and Espinoza Paz who are responsible for hits interpreted by La Arrolladora, Banda MS, and Banda San Jose de Mesillas to name a few. There are also some tracks written by Coronel himself.

Coronel said that he likes taking challenges. When asked if he would like to sing another genre perhaps mariachi now that Alejandro Fernandez is now retiring, he shared that he’s up for all genres and open to all challenges. He would love to do a duet with his idol Gerardo Ortiz. He does face challenges as he still has to complete his online high school courses. He says that if he doesn’t make it in music he will fall back on a business major. As far as his relationship with his girlfriend, he shares that it’s hard to balance everything but he’s trying his best while keeping his feet on the ground.

Check out our interview from his album release :


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