Hispanicize LA 2018


Media Coverage By: Dianna Citlaly & Alejandra Salgado
Article By: Alejandra Salgado
October 18, 2018  8:00 p.m.

Hispanicize LA is an annual event held in the West Coast as a counterpart of the national Hispanicize Miami Conference. This event celebrated latino/a heritage and serves as a forum for launching marketing and social media trends. Events like these are a perfect opportunity to network, learn from and meet top latino influencers. This year, Nopal Azul covered the event and hosts, Alejandra Salgado and Dianna Citlaly attended the event as part of the press. This years top influencers included Mario Lopez, Perez Hilton, Dr. Ana Maria Polo and many more. The event covered a variety of topics. Session topics included Diversity in Hollywood, Producing Viral Videos,  Latinx Diversity in Beauty and Fashion, Voting Political Panel, and many more. The planning of Hispanicize was made in mind with the variety of what makes us latinos.

It was amazing to meet, latinos you grew up watching on television, like Dr. Ana Maria Polo, Attorney and Host for Caso Cerrado. She was honored with the Positive Impact Award along with Maria Lemus, Creator and Director of Visión, y Compromiso. She said, “Yo no hago nada para impactar a nadie, yo lo hago porque lo creo. Son mis valores, amo a mi gente y amo a mi comunidad. Siento que uniendonos, vamos a poder a superar todos los obsatculos que se nos estan presentando.”


YouTube viral sensation, Jesus Kardashian, al preguntarle, “What does Hispanicize mean to you?” said, “It’s an event where I get to connect with people, meet influencers from different parts of not only different parts of the world but different states. I get to meet, personas que nunca pense que iba a conocer!” “It’s an event where you get to market yourself. You get to expose yourself a little more. You get to see what kinds of minds other people have. I’m a very funny person but then we have beauty bloggers, people who like to travel, we have foodies! So it’s an event full of lots of opportunity, growth and event you can expose yourself and one day, vuala!”




The event also held local business booth. One that stood out from the crowd was, Millennial Loteria. Creator Mike Alfaro, made the great idea of turning our traditional loteria to a millennial loteria. In this new, modern version we have cards like, “El Man Bun, El Juice Cleanse, La Femenista, EL Brunch y mucho mas.  Make sure to pre-order atwww.amazon.com/millenial-loteria-mike-alfaro/dp/1944515801. 




Overall, this was such a fun event. Alejandra Salgado and Dianna Citlaly had a blast and left the event feeling more empowered than ever. You learn so much and are exposed to many opportunities to meet influencers and market yourself.

This was a can’t miss event. If you couldn’t make it this year, don’t miss out next year!


Visit www.hispanicize.com for more information.




Click Here for Video Recap of Hispanicize LA 2018 Event



  Dianna and Alejandra having fun at the Colgate Booth


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